Helping YOU Find A Church

Finding a spiritual home can be a challenge! Many people spend years at the edges of several congregations because they can’t find an exact “fit.” While the church is dedicated to God’s glory and to serving humankind, the truth is that the church is also a human organization. Thus, while God is perfect, the church isn’t!  

First Baptist Church of Kansas City, Missouri is at the beginning of a period of renaissance and transformation. We have a proud and historic legacy. We have long-held communal values. We are a racially diverse congregation. But we also recognize that we must prepare for the future by reaching new families and new individuals who will join us on our spiritual pilgrimage!

We hope you will visit us on Sunday mornings. We worship at 10:50 am and Sunday School Classes for all ages begin at 9:30 am. Everything we do is open to you, our guests!

It isn’t easy walking into a church for the first time. You aren’t certain of the welcome or the expectations. Will someone be there to greet you and help you find your way around? Our impressive, large stone building can be accessed through the large pillars from the Red Bridge Street side. However, most of our parking and most of our members enter from the opposite side. There are greeters at both doors to welcome you warmly and help you find your way around.

Time and again we are told of the warm greeting that visitors receive at First Baptist Church. It is our intention to greet you this Sunday with this same genuine love and acceptance. We won’t crowd you. We won’t push you. We will give you space to experience the sacred in our midst and to encounter the Living Spirit of God. You will come and you may go in the liberating Spirit of Christ!

Worship at First Baptist Church has always centered around excellence in music and in preaching. We have one of the finest and most historic pipe organs in Kansas City, recently updated. Every Sunday, our organist lifts our spirits with the magnificent music that fills our sanctuary. We have a wonderful chancel choir, handbell choir, children’s choir, and more!

Dr. Stephen D. Jones, our pastor, has preached around the world and from coast to coast throughout his impressive career. He takes preaching very seriously – and yet always employs humor as well in his timely messages. You can get a sample of his written and recorded sermons elsewhere on this website. And then, come in person and meet Dr. Jones and our wonderful congregation and see if this might be a “fit” for you spiritually and theologically.  

We’d love to help YOU find a church!